Got apple music? Check out my playlist: 'It be ya own heart' - Added lot's of new songs to get you in your feelings.
You're welcome. πŸ˜Š

Picture credit goes to: Marley Estello
If you happen to come across any of your Sims 4 Custom Content on this site please feel free to message me so I can credit you correctly. I love supporting you guys, I just have so much cc I can't possibly remember who created what/where I found what. I will do better with that and shout out you guys whenever I use your items and designs.
I know, I know I've been gone for two months. *When real life happens*
New job and moved to a new place all in the space of a month but no excuses; still working on this machinima series and I'm soooo excited for it! And you should be too!
Preview coming in the next few weeks, I promise!
Also working on the next few chapters of my still untitled story as well as photography projects and more!
It's been a slow start so far but catching up with everything and ready to deliver!!!

Brand new machinima series coming soon! Here's a sneak peak...

I need a favor! I want to upload the first chapter of another story I've been working on but I want feedback before I go ahead and upload the rest of the story. Please head to the stories section of the site and check out  Chapter 1 (No title yet) and send me feedback either via email (click the email icon over there on the right under my 'about me' section) or if you know me well enough, through text message. It would mean everything to me so please do it if you can!
Thank you x1000000

Another Sims 4 machinima created, directed and music by me!

A short movie dedicated to love. (Turn on closed captioning for story!)

Special thanks once again to all the CC creators, particularly pose creators, boy, was this a lot of work but due to all you amazing creators, this was made possible! This really was my 2018 passion project, hope this makes you smile.

Made with ❤️ using The Sims 4 x Adobe Premiere Pro x Final Cut Pro X

My first animated music video attempt and second attempt at Premiere Pro ever! 😎
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it!!

Created/Directed by: Mariama Koroma

'New Love' by Victoria MonΓ©tAll music credit goes to Victoria MonΓ©t, EMPIRE Distribution. Please check out her new EP 'Life After Love, Pt. 2' available now.
Inspired by the lyric video by Matt Mamola and official music video.

Many thanks to ALL the Sims 4 CC creators who made this possible, from the clothing to the poses. You guys are amazing!!!! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

Intro VHS Footage 
Backgrounds & Overlays 
Dance Routines/Animations

Made with love ❤️ using The Sims 4 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6